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A blog on the Ancient Aliens, Gods and Goddesses, Annunaki, Serpent Mythology, Priests and Priestesses who used blood in their temple rites, and the relics they have left behind.

Book reviews, author interviews and new book releases of all genres are also included.

Ways of the Stygia–Banner

Book Reviews Posted on Sun, November 30, 2014 13:46:16

Review for The Ways of the Stygia—Banner
Author: Donny Swords

An explosive read that will be sure to antagonize
mythological ‘purists’ and those with strong religious sentiments based on the
Jehovah faiths.

A powerful description of the horrors of Purgatory and what
awaits the damned, not unlike Dante’s work.
Not for those who prefer romance-based or light fantasy.

Yet at the base of it is the age old question of nature vs.
nurture when reason is added. Can a soul, birthed in darkness and raised where
all is horror, feel an antipathy to what is occurring around him, rejecting his
‘father’, or is he doomed to follow a pre-ordained path? Banner does not succumb to the horrors around
him, does not become part of the atrocities, but flees it and receives aid from
powerful allies, who, unlike the Mad God, perhaps value a being that can think
for himself. They are cold, driven and capable of inflicting carnage of an epic
scale, yet they also can be fair, though I suppose one in his right mind would
trust them as much, say, a warlord one hears about on the news nowadays.

As a novella it worked well in that it left me wanting to read
the books in the series to find out more of the characters and the events
Banner alludes to, as he skims over a lot, dropping little nuggets of
information here and there. Highly recommended (though I would suggest getting the
series rather than reading Banner as a standalone piece).

Find Me

Book Reviews Posted on Mon, November 24, 2014 16:38:49

Find Me–(Faeries Lost Series by Grace Brannigan)

I’m not the biggest fan of romance, but I do love tales of beings from other realms, such as faeries and goblins. I am a big fan of the esoteric and mystical and this book has plenty of it–from the force fields the fae use to crystal energy, the descriptions of the other realms and dimensions and the thread of inter-connectedness that binds all living creatures.
You can’t help but rout for Pandimora and Drew–hoping they find both those who are lost and the answers to the questions that have overshadowed Pandimora’s life.
If you are a fan of paranormal romance, then this book is for you

Whisper Me

Book Reviews Posted on Mon, November 24, 2014 16:36:45

Whisper Me–By Grace Brannigan

It is a sweet love story, with more romance and less explanations of the paranormal forces and the esoteric than in Find Me. Readers who like lighthearted reads with less time spent explaining how force fields and pyramidal/crystal energy works, will probably enjoy this book more. Meeting Lilja and getting closer to resolving what happened to her and Pandimora’s family is worth it. I for one can’t wait to find out what happened to their parents and brother.

The Gift of Charms

Book Reviews Posted on Mon, November 17, 2014 10:46:40

I received an e-copy in exchange for a review. A quick perusal showed this to be a book intended for a young audience and so read this book to my daughters to get their reaction. I’m happy to say they found it a lovely tale, not dissimilar to Harry Potter and with dragons at the protagonists. A young dragon, marked from birth as being different and having to overcome bullying by others and his own worries, fulfills his destiny and saves the others in the process. My youngest loved it and I will be getting the print version for her to add to her collection


Book Reviews Posted on Tue, November 11, 2014 13:54:07

A mythical
tale of the quest for one’s own Holy Grail. A journey beset with deprivation,
adversity, trepidation that can only be overcome through the conquering of one’s
fears and listening to the inner voice. The three main protagonists must learn
this in three different timelines, connected by a mystical book. I love the
symbolism of dragons in Pursuit—what they represent to each individual and to
humanity as a whole.

throughout the book were philosophies found in Esoteric and Mystical schools of
thought, such as the Hermetic Principles, which teaches us that what we perceive,
we believe—what we believe, we become. This principle is presented so
beautifully and with such deftness in the book that it is easy to comprehend. Other
principles are: Pilgrimage and Quest, Consciousness and Mystical Dreams, Being
One with the All, and Attuning to your Higher Self. All this and much more is found in this
well-written, thought-provoking, highly enjoyable read.


My Melancholic Diary

Book Reviews Posted on Sun, November 09, 2014 15:19:02

This is the second book by Iva Kenaz, and is a beautifully written, atmospheric coming-of-age tale. In a literary world populated with tales of ‘special ones’ who discover they are unique, gifted, and destined for great things, it is refreshing to read about one that most of us can relate to. Lisa is a normal teenager with normal self awareness and low self esteem, awkwardly trying to maintain a relationship with her slightly manic father after her parents’ divorce, and coping with being an outsider at school and an upcoming move. It isn’t any wonder that she has retreated into the world of books, in particular, one.

What I liked most was the question presented regarding creation and our freedom and ability to choose. Lisa finds herself in the extraordinary position of being able to interact with Tertius, the protagonist of the novel, as she is able to help him alter his fate which the author had left incomplete. For most authors, our characters do tend to come to life, at least in our heads, but it is nice to think what it would be like if they actually were alive in some other dimension—what their thoughts would be on the story we have forced upon them and what they could change if they had the power to do so.

Highly recommended

The Witch Within

Book Reviews Posted on Thu, October 23, 2014 10:42:42

The Witch Within

Set in medieval Bohemia, a young peasant girl is accused of witchcraft when she attempts to save her brother. Talitha is not the first in her matriarchal line to be suspected of it and the fear of being accused is ever present in her family.

Of interest is her grandmother who keeps true to the Old Ways, and does not seek to suppress her nature, juxtaposed with her mother, who so effectively subsumes all in order to appease her husband and society. There is a strong element of fear in her mother’s relationship with her father, not entirely unfounded as he fails to protect either Talitha’s grandmother or Talitha herself.

Talitha is given no choice: she must flee into the forest seeking out others like herself if she is to evade torture and death.

What follows is a mesmerizing tale of awakening, courage, acceptance of who one is and using what gifts have been granted to you, if you so choose.

It is beautifully written and evocative. One wishes one could read it on a balmy spring day under a canopy of trees in a forest listening to the sound of a brook. It would be easy to believe oneself under a spell of enchantment in such a setting and might even induce one to go in search of the flora and fauna mentioned.

The author has brought to life the humble witchcraft lore of Bohemia—that is, the practices of the village women instead of the grand Lords and Ladies that are usually written about. As someone who is an ardent supporter of reinstating the lost feminine principle, learning the lives of ‘ordinary’ women is fascinating.

Is a remarkable debut novel and I have no doubt the sequel will be just as good, if not phenomenal. It is one of the rare books I have read and thought, “That will make a good movie”