A mythical
tale of the quest for one’s own Holy Grail. A journey beset with deprivation,
adversity, trepidation that can only be overcome through the conquering of one’s
fears and listening to the inner voice. The three main protagonists must learn
this in three different timelines, connected by a mystical book. I love the
symbolism of dragons in Pursuit—what they represent to each individual and to
humanity as a whole.

throughout the book were philosophies found in Esoteric and Mystical schools of
thought, such as the Hermetic Principles, which teaches us that what we perceive,
we believe—what we believe, we become. This principle is presented so
beautifully and with such deftness in the book that it is easy to comprehend. Other
principles are: Pilgrimage and Quest, Consciousness and Mystical Dreams, Being
One with the All, and Attuning to your Higher Self. All this and much more is found in this
well-written, thought-provoking, highly enjoyable read.