This is the second book by Iva Kenaz, and is a beautifully written, atmospheric coming-of-age tale. In a literary world populated with tales of ‘special ones’ who discover they are unique, gifted, and destined for great things, it is refreshing to read about one that most of us can relate to. Lisa is a normal teenager with normal self awareness and low self esteem, awkwardly trying to maintain a relationship with her slightly manic father after her parents’ divorce, and coping with being an outsider at school and an upcoming move. It isn’t any wonder that she has retreated into the world of books, in particular, one.

What I liked most was the question presented regarding creation and our freedom and ability to choose. Lisa finds herself in the extraordinary position of being able to interact with Tertius, the protagonist of the novel, as she is able to help him alter his fate which the author had left incomplete. For most authors, our characters do tend to come to life, at least in our heads, but it is nice to think what it would be like if they actually were alive in some other dimension—what their thoughts would be on the story we have forced upon them and what they could change if they had the power to do so.

Highly recommended